Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions from DealerShop USA and Livingston

EV Charging Solutions

DealerShop has partnered with Livingston Energy Group to offer customers a full suite of turnkey services and equipment for the installation and management of EV charging stations and the required infrastructure. As the demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure has increased, DealerShop has sourced a premier partner that shares our values in providing high-quality, cost-effective EV charge solutions, and best in class customer service.

Livingston experts will tailor a proposal specifically for your business or home and assist in leveraging local and state funding source incentives, to boost the value of your property and help subsidize the out-of-pocket costs for installation. Livingston’s driving purpose is to facilitate the adoption of increasingly efficient technologies and reducing overall energy consumption while minimizing upfront investments and saving customers on operating expenses. Selecting Livingston brings a premium charging experience and industry leading technology to your fingertips.

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Equipment and software

Equipment & Software

  • Level 2 and DCFC charging stations across different power levels
  • Communication network for charging management
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Project Services

  • Site design
  • Utility connections
  • Equipment selection
  • Funding & Permitting
  • Installtion management
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Maintenance & Support

  • Performance tracking
  • Charge management system for data insights
  • Warranty tracking
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • 24/7 station & driver support

Turnkey EV charging infrastructure solutions

Utility – Partnered & Integrated

Livingston’s portfolio of hardware, software, project deployment, network operations and station management solutions provide a future-focused, scalable blueprint for low-cost EV charging infrastructure in any location.
Better Design

Better Design

Remote station monitoring and charge management system can help ensure uptime to protect stations’ reputation
Flexible Options

Flexible Options

Large charging hardware catalogue providing answers for all solutions
Scalable Integration

Project Services

Our existing partner network provides for rapid deployment
Market Access

Market Access

Awarded contracts for federal, state, and local government clients across North America

Industry-Leading Technology


  • Both DC fast charging and level 2 equipment options
  • Emphasis on minimal footprints and optimizing available space
  • Robust & lightweight construction and enabling rapid installation
  • Slim and compact form with contemporary design
  • Power monitoring and surge protection for increased safety
  • Clean design with intuitive Human-Machine Interface layout


  • Oversight of charger solutions
  • Coordination and management of installation
  • Utility awards and continued collaboration
  • System monitoring and equipment maintenance
  • Marketing support to drive traffic to your location
  • 24/7 EV driver and support for your on-site staff
  • Shared insights into your station utilization


  • Reliability
Remote station monitoring and charge management system can help ensure uptime to protect stations’ reputation.
  • Future-proof
Legislation on green initiatives encourage the electric vehicle movement, including charging stations.
  • Customer retention
Increase satisfaction and dwell time for customers who already drive electric.

Our Process

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