Janitorial Supplies and Equipment from DealerShop USA


DealerShop has partnered with Imperial Dade, the leading distributor of janitorial supplies and equipment in North America. Founded in 1935, Imperial Dade is your trusted source for your janitorial supply needs, offering everything you need to make your facility shine including commercial cleaning chemicals, floor care equipment, matting, restroom supplies, and specialty products designed specifically for the automotive industry. Sustainable product options and the latest in innovative cleaning technology are available.

Imperial Dade Janitorial Products from DealerShop USA
Imperial Dade’s facilities maintenance specialists are experts in floor and carpet care, green cleaning, cleaning for health and hygiene, safety, and more. Put Imperial Dade’s expertise and economies of scale to work for your facility.
Janitorial Solutions


We are more than just distribution. We provide solutions that meet each and every customer’s unique needs.

Janitorial Support


Our experts are available to support our customers with a variety of services from product sourcing to sustainability consulting.

Janitorial Training


We have highly qualified professionals that will train your staff in custodial procedures, floor care, warewashing, laundry, and more.