Auto Dealership Shipping Services

Mail & Freight Services

As more and more business moves on-line, shipping expenses are increasing. DealerShop offers mail and freight service savings programs to cover all your needs.

  • Cost Savings
  • Simpler Shipping
  • Personal Service


Budget-conscious rates for the corporate office and every dealership branch

More than change under the seat, we are talking about real capital that moves the needle. Preferred, negotiated carrier rates leveraging our members’ aggregated volume.

Over 2,000 auto-dealership members


A smooth road for your shipments clears a path to a more efficient dealership and better customer experiences.

Consolidated shipping

Front office and service department shipments consolidated into one pickup

Single truck pickup

Single-truck pickup for UPS® ground and air shipments

Flexible scheduling

Carrier pickup options that fit your schedule

Expedited shipping

Economical, expedited and overnight shipping fits all delivery needs


Easier booking and shipment tracking from a single portal for all users and packages

Mailing list

Quick access to your full mailing list right from our portal


No backseat driving here. We ride shotgun, offering you directions and road snacks on the way to better shipping.

Customer support

A dedicated customer support team beats calling a 1-800 line any time

Hands on

Hands-on assistance with your overall shipping strategy

Shipping advice

Advice for day-to-day decisions, selecting shipping services, filing claims and more