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Diagnostics & Calibration

Our partner asTech provides comprehensive Diagnostic and Calibration Solutions for Automotive Service Providers. Today’s ADAS systems grow more complex with every year; explore our arsenal of options to return vehicles to OEM standards post-collision repair.

  • Remote Services
  • Calibration Services
AsTech - DealerShop USA Partner

Remote Services
Gain access to OEM build information and repair procedure

Experienced ASE-certified and dealer-trained technicians will utilize patented technology to improve upon cycle time with access to a knowledgeable team and resources ensuring safe and proper repairs delivered to you with the highest quality service. You will also have access to accurate and up-to-date diagnostic OEM build information and repair procedures and the knowledge, recommendations of a trained technician.

Calibration Services
Static and Dynamic services

The technical data and steps required to properly perform an ADAS calibration are continuously updated by the vehicle manufacturer. Our technicians pull the manufacturer’s service procedures and leverage OE tools for every vehicle we service. With our mission in mind, we are focused on protecting people’s lives by ensuring the proper repair of automotive electronic systems, including ADAS.


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