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Protect your dealership and streamline operations with Virtual Guard

Car dealerships face unique challenges – large lots, valuable inventory, and potential customer disputes. Virtual Guard offers a two-pronged solution:

1. Virtual Inspector: Your Shield Against False Claims

  • HD cameras capture a full view of every vehicle entering service, linked to the license plate for easy retrieval.
  • Secure cloud storage provides two years of irrefutable evidence to address damage disputes.
  • This frees your team from time-consuming inspections and arguments, allowing focus on customer service.
  • Protect your reputation and bottom line from unwarranted claims.

2. Comprehensive Security

  • Tailored video surveillance installations address your dealership's specific needs.
  • Strategically placed cameras provide 24/7 live streaming and two years of secure recordings.
  • Real-time monitoring by an off-site team enables quick intervention to deter theft and vandalism.
  • This system enhances on-site patrols and reduces risk for your staff.

Benefits for Your Dealership

  • Reduced liability and insurance costs.
  • Streamlined operations and improved customer experience.
  • Peace of mind knowing your assets and reputation are protected.

Virtual Inspector

Virtual Inspector

Virtual Inspector: Your Shield Against False Damage Claims

Running a car service business means managing customer expectations, but sometimes those expectations include unwarranted claims about pre-existing vehicle damage. Virtual Inspector offers a powerful solution to protect your business from these costly and time-consuming disputes.


How Virtual Inspector Works

  • Seamless Integration: Virtual Inspector installs easily into your existing service lanes. Arched arms fitted with eight HD cameras capture a full view of each vehicle as it enters.
  • License Plate Recognition: Sophisticated software instantly captures the license plate, linking it to the HD video footage.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: All data is stored securely in the cloud for two years, ensuring you have the evidence needed to address any claims that may arise.
  • Dispute Resolution: When a customer alleges damage occurred during service, Virtual Inspector provides irrefutable proof of the car's condition on arrival. This takes the burden off your staff and allows for quick, confident resolution.

Benefits of Virtual Inspector for Your Business

  • Protect Your Reputation: False damage claims can hurt your business's standing with customers. Virtual Inspector ensures you have the evidence to maintain trust and avoid unwarranted payouts.
  • Free Up Your Team: No more time-consuming inspections or arguments with customers. With Virtual Inspector, your staff focuses on delivering excellent service, not managing disputes.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have comprehensive video documentation in the event of a claim brings invaluable peace of mind.
  • Long-Term Compliance: Storing records for two years addresses potential statute of limitation issues, giving you additional legal protection.

Designed for Car Service Environments

Virtual Inspector is built specifically to handle the rigors of car dealership service lanes. The streamlined process integrates smoothly with your workflow, providing effortless protection from false claims.

Say Goodbye to Unwarranted Damage Disputes

If you’re ready to streamline how you handle potential damage claims, protect your business, and give yourself peace of mind, contact Virtual Guard to learn more about the Virtual Inspector.

Video Security System

Video camera icon

Virtual Guard: Video Security System

Car dealerships need robust security, and Virtual Guard offers a comprehensive video-based system to keep inventory safe. Their proactive, event-driven monitoring means eyes are on your property 24/7, actively working to prevent crime.

Here’s what Virtual Guard’s system offers car dealerships:

  • False Alarm Reduction: High-quality cameras and live verification drastically cut down on false alarms, improving police response time.
  • Crime Prevention: Real-time monitoring allows guards to intervene with lights and speakers, scaring off intruders before damage is done.
  • Rapid Response: When intervention fails, verified alerts ensure swift police action, maximizing the chance of stopping crimes in progress.
  • Cost-Effective Reliability: Unlike human guards, cameras never tire. This system is more reliable and affordable than traditional security staffing.

Virtual Guard’s system means peace of mind for dealerships. Their cameras are always watching, actively deterring crime. This cost-effective solution gives dealerships the reliable security they need.

Remote Surveillance

Video surveillance cloud backup

Remote Surveillance

Tired of costly security guards and after-the-fact alerts? Virtual Guard offers a proactive remote video surveillance solution designed to stop crimes before they happen on your car lot.

Our unique system uses advanced cameras and AI detection zones to pinpoint suspicious activity in real-time.  Guards in our Command and Control Center immediately verify threats, taking action to scare off intruders before damage occurs.

High-quality cameras and live verification mean drastically fewer false alarms, and faster police response when intervention fails. Think of us as tireless eyes constantly watching your lot, actively deterring theft and vandalism.

Virtual Guard systems are customized to your dealership. We work with local law enforcement to target high-risk areas.  Our sophisticated technology covers large lots with ease, delivering reliable monitoring far more affordably than traditional guards.