Choosing the Right Disposable Paint Cups for Spray Guns

If you love DIY projects or work in the automotive industry, you know the importance of having the proper equipment.

One essential tool is the spray gun cup used to apply paints, stains, varnishes, basecoats, undercoats, primers, sealers, clearcoats, gelcoats, and sprayable adhesives. DealerShop offers cups that can be used for any painting project, including cars, boats, furniture, equipment, home, arts and crafts. This article will discuss the various types of spray gun cups available at DealerShop.

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What are Disposable Paint Cups for Spray Guns?

Spray gun cups are made of plastic and attach to a spray gun. They hold the liquid, which is fed to the spray gun, allowing the spray to be applied  to surfaces. Disposable spray cups are designed to be thrown away after use, eliminating the need for cleaning and reducing the risk of contamination. They are one of the essential items you should have in stock.

Benefits of Disposable Paint Cups for Spray Guns

Here are the benefits of using disposable spray gun cups in more detail.

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Disposable spray cups offer a high level of convenience. Instead of cleaning a traditional spray cup after each use, you can simply dispose of the container and attach a new one to the spray gun. This saves time and effort, making spraying the car more efficient.


For instance, when spraying a car or furniture, you may need to change the color frequently. Using disposable cups, you can easily switch colors without stopping and cleaning the spray gun’s traditional cup.


Using disposable spray cups for spray guns is also cost effective. While traditional containers can be reused, maintaining them requires cleaning supplies and labor costs. Disposable spray cups eliminate the need for cleaning supplies and labor, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

Additionally, if you are working on a large project, using disposable cups can be more affordable than purchasing several traditional cups.

    Accurate Mixing

    Disposable spray cups also allow you to accurately measure and mix. The cups have mixing ratios on the side that indicate the volume of fluid, making it easy to measure the correct amount. The lid also ensures that the fluid is not exposed to air, preventing it from drying out and becoming unusable.


    Using traditional spray cups can lead to inaccurate mixing, which can affect the quality of the finish.

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    Environmentally Friendly

    Some disposable spray cups are made from recyclable materials, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional ones. Plastic spray cups can also be recycled, and paper cups can be composted, reducing waste and its environmental impact.

    Using disposable spray cups can also reduce the water needed for cleaning traditional cups, making it a more sustainable option.


    Disposable spray cups allow you to focus on the painting process rather than the cleaning process, making it more time-efficient.

    Using traditional spray cups can also result in contamination, as the cups may need to be cleaned entirely after washing. This can affect the quality of the finish and lead to additional time spent fixing mistakes.

    How to Choose the Right Disposable Paint Cups

    There are several factors to consider, including:


    When choosing disposable cups, compatibility with your spray gun is the first factor to consider. Disposable paint cups are available in different sizes and shapes; not all cups will work with every spray gun.

    It is essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the disposable paint cups are compatible with your spray gun.


    The size of the disposable paint cups is another essential factor to consider. Choosing the right size can make the painting process more efficient and help you achieve the desired finish. Larger disposable paint cups are ideal for larger projects, while smaller cups are suitable for smaller projects. Choosing the right size will reduce the number of times you need to refill the cup, saving you time and effort. DealerShop provides access to quality cups available in different sizes.


    Paint containers are made from different materials, including plastic and paper. It is essential to choose a material that is durable and leak-proof. Plastic disposable paint cups are more durable and can withstand high pressure and temperatures, making them ideal for automotive painting. On the other hand, paper cups are more eco-friendly and biodegradable.


    Disposable paint cups with lids are ideal for measuring and mixing liquids accurately. They prevent liquid from spilling and drying out, ensuring consistency in color and reducing waste. When choosing containers with lids, consider the type of lid. Some lids snap on, while others screw on.


    Spray containers are available in different quantities, from single-use to bulk packs. Choosing the proper quantity depends on the size of the project and the frequency of use.

    Types of Disposable Paint Cups for Spray Guns:

    • Paper Disposable Paint Cups: Paper disposable paint cups are one of the most popular types of disposable paint cups for spray guns. They are made of a lightweight paper material that is coated with a wax lining to prevent leaks. They are easy to use and dispose of, making them a convenient choice for both professionals and DIYers.
    • Plastic Disposable Paint Cups: Plastic disposable paint cups are another popular option. They are made of a durable plastic material that is resistant to cracking and breaking. Plastic cups are transparent, which makes it easier to monitor the paint level. They also come in various sizes to accommodate different paint volumes.
    • Aluminum Disposable Paint Cups: Aluminum disposable paint cups are more durable than paper or plastic cups. They are made of a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum material that can withstand high pressures. They are also resistant to corrosion and can be used with a wide range of solvents and paints.
    • Bagged Disposable Paint Cups: Bagged disposable paint cups are a more recent innovation in the world of spray gun paint cups. They consist of a flexible, plastic bag that is inserted into a reusable cup. The bag is then filled with paint and attached to the spray gun. These cups are easy to use and dispose of and reduce the need for cleaning.



    Choosing suitable disposable cups for your spray gun is essential for achieving the desired finish and saving time and money. Factors such as compatibility, size, material, and lids should be considered when selecting the right disposable paint cup for your project. Check out DealerShop for different disposable cup options.