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Innovative Body Shop Solutions

Symach was established in 2001, and its catalog covers 90% of all the needs of body shops and collision repair centers. Each product in their catalog is a product studied, designed and built by Symach. Symach’s innovative body shop solutions will increase daily productivity by 30% on average and reduce energy consumption.

Move your body shop into the future with Symach. There is no job too big or too small with Symach’s tailored solutions. You let the experts know what you would like to achieve, and they will create the custom solution of your dreams!

  • Spray Booth & Preparation Bays
  • Drying Robots & Lamps
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Shop Line
Symach Innovative Bodyshop Solutions from DealerShop USA

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Business Improvement

Experts review shop data to identify opportunities for improvement

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You will receive a custom layout design of your new body shop that maximizes efficiency

Built to Last

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Symach continually develops technologies and produce cutting edge equipment

Built to Last

Installation & Training

Symach installs equipment and trains your team worldwide

As we move into the world of electric vehicles, carbon management plans and rising energy costs; Infrared and UV drying technology will be at the forefront of vehicle refinishing. This is an important consideration for collision centers that are working on a rapidly increasing number of electric vehicles, those that aim to become carbon neutral and save on energy costs.

FixLine is Symach’s lean repair process to repair cars in line. It enables users to move the cars from one phase of the repair process to the next, using the side-loading CarMover system. FixLine system includes the phases of primer application, sanding, masking, painting, drying, unmasking and polishing all in line. It is a solution that allows to repair from 5 to an unlimited number of job cycles per day, thanks to its modular system: the number of bays and type of equipment can be tailored to reach the customer’s target of repairs per day.

The FixLine work process includes all the phases of the repair, not only the painting; the Drytronic technology has allowed to reorganize the repair, working continuously on the car without interruptions, increasing the efficiency of the body shop by 50% with the same number of employees, and reducing delivery times to one day for at least 80% of repairs.