This is our secret sauce

CostDrop™ Promise

How do we prove enough value before you decide to become a DealerShop member? By executing our CostDrop™ Promise. We analyze data about the purchases made at your dealership or collision center. Then, we show you how much you could save, as we’ve done for over 2,000 DealerShop members.

Mediocrity doesn’t work here

At DealerShop, we take tremendous pride in hiring only the best and brightest. Every member of our team has the passion to serve, and the brains to create new ways to help dealerships and collision centers thrive. Everyone at DealerShop is deeply committed to delivering great results day after day.

You: Nothing else matters

We couldn’t care less about a single sale. All we care about is our entire business relationship with you. We must make your life easier, and your dealership and collision center better and healthier both operationally and financially. Thinking this way got us this far, and we’re not about to change anytime soon.


Among others, we have purchase agreements with: